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PHP Code Builder

MyQuery Builder: Code Builder on Vimeo.

MyQuery Builder's Code Builder works in conjunction with our SELECT and Utility Query Editors — or even your own pre-existing queries — to wrap your MySQL queries in PHP code. With the Code Builder, you can develop data-driven web applications with ease. In fact, MyQuery Builder was built using our own tools. How meta is that?

  1. The PHP Code Builder takes the queries you built in the SELECT Query Editor and the Utility Query
  2. Builder and wraps them in PHP code
  3. Customize the tool preferences for your coding environment and style
  4. Supports PHP's older MySQL extension (used in Dreamweaver) as well as the newer, preferred MySQLi extension
  5. Supports both MySQLi's procedural and object-oriented syntaxes
  6. Code Builder creates a wide variety of code for use in procedural scripts, functions, or classes
  7. Functions and class methods return specific values (e.g. a user name), a single record (e.g. a user record), a group of records (e.g. a group of users), or a boolean value (e.g. does a user exist?)
  8. Works in conjunction with your coding environment without all the overhead of inserting redundant code in every page
  9. Designed to work efficiently with your other web development tools of choice such as Coda, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, and TextMate to build powerful and fully-featured data-driven PHP applications

The video above shows how easy it is to use MyQuery Builder's PHP Code Builder to wrap your MySQL queries in app-ready PHP functions and class methods.

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