MyQuery Builder Feature Overview

MyQuery Builder makes building MySQL queries drag-and-drop simple.

What is MyQuery Builder?

MyQuery Builder is a set of integrated tools that make constructing MySQL queries and PHP data access code a snap.

MyQuery Builder lets you...

  • Build MySQL queries visually with drag-and-drop ease
  • Deconstruct your existing MySQL queries and open them in the visual SELECT Query Editor
  • Convert MySQL queries you create to site-ready PHP code
  • Upgrade your existing PHP MySQL code from older standards to new

MQB's tools offer drag-and-drop approach to what has typically been the realm of arcane tools or hard to use wizards.

How does MyQuery Builder work?

MyQuery Builder is comprised of the following tools:

  • SELECT Query Editor - A visual tool that lets you create any sort of MySQL query, from simple lookups to complex JOINs.
  • SELECT Query Analyzer - A tool that lets you input your existing queries and opens them in MQB's visual SELECT Query Editor tool.
  • Utility Query Editor - A tool that lets you construct utility queries including INSERT, UPDATE, TRUNCATE, REPLACE, and DELETE queries.
  • Code Builder - A unique tool that takes your MySQL queries – whether you built them using MyQuery Builder or some other tool like Dreamweaver – and turns them into site-ready PHP code.
  • MQB Coding Tools - A collection of utilities that do things like convert Dreamweaver's PHP server behavior code from the old MySQL extension to the newer MySQLi standard and more.

MQB starts with a visual SELECT Query Editor. Select your database, add the the tables you want to use, and then build your query piece by piece with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Then you can send your newly built query over to the Code Builder that wraps your MySQL query in the PHP code necessary to build your dynamic sites. Select from a variety of choices to build code suitable for stand-alone procedural calls, functions, or class methods.

MyQuery Builder's Utility Query Editor lets you create INSERT, REPLACE, UPDATE, TRUNCATE, and DELETE queries with the same ease as the SELECT Query Editor. Like it's bigger brother, it allows you to send your utility query over to the Code Builder to wrap it lovingly in PHP code.

Finally, the SELECT Query Analyzer lets you paste your pre-constructed queries and opens them in the visual SELECT Query Editor. This is incredibly useful if you need to modify pre-existing queries.

Who uses MyQuery Builder?

MQB was built by web developers for web developers. The tools provide a visual, easy to use interface to your MySQL data, and let you build and maintain the PHP code needed to support even the most complex dynamic web sites.

If you build your sites in PHP and create MySQL database queries, MyQuery Builder is for you.

Does it Work?

You betcha. The makers of MyQuery Builder have been using it as an internal development tool for years. In fact, it was used to create this very site!

What about sensitive data?

While MQB does use SSL to construct and display queries, the remote hosting plans are not ideal for situations where sensitive data is involved (e.g. e-commerce databases that store credit card information) since SSH tunneling is not supported (since a new tunnel would have to be initialized with each page load...ouch).

In these sensitive situations, we highly recommend using our Custom plan that allows you to download and install MQB on your own server. You simply pay for each user, and upgrades are free.

What does MyQuery Builder do with my data?

Display it. Securely. That's it. We do store information like table names, column titles, database connection values, and MySQL statements, but the actual data contained in your database is never stored on our servers.

I love MyQuery Builder and want to spread the word. What's in it for me?

Kickbacks. Baksheesh. Free stuff. By which we mean free months of service for our paid plans. For each new user (who does not work at your company) you sign up, you get a free month of service. Simple. Elegant. Free.