MyQuery Builder Feature Tour

MyQuery Builder 60-Second Tour

MyQuery Builder 60-Second Tour on Vimeo.

In this short 60-second video, discover how easy building and editing your MySQL queries can be with MyQuery Builder's tools that make constructing, integrating, and maintaining your MySQL queries a breeze.

In this video, we introduce you to the following tools:

  • SELECT Query Editor – A visual tool that makes constructing MySQL queries drag-and-drop simple
  • SELECT Query Analyzer – Take SELECT queries you have already written and open them in the SELECT Query Editor
  • Utility Query Editor – Because UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE queries need some love, too.
  • Code Builder – If you need to integrate your queries into a functioning web site, the Code Builder wraps the queries you have constructed in the SELECT and Utility builders in PHP code customizable for your own development environment.
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