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Energy consumption dashboard, forecast, and sales report showcased on the energy management software dashboard.

What energy solutions can you build with

The short answer is everything.
You can build a wide range of energy software and services, custom-built for iOS, Android or PWAs.

Energy trading and risk management

Manage all your trading activities, market analysis, risk assessment, contract management, settlements, and regulatory compliance with our comprehensive tools for energy trading and risk mitigation.

A concept of energy trading highlighting a trading mobile application screen

Asset performance management

Energy efficiency starts at home. Monitor, analyse, and optimise your performance covering equipment health, predictive maintenance, asset lifecycle management, risk-based inspection, and reliability-centred maintenance. All to maximise your asset uptime and efficiency.

A concept of asset performance management software highlighting a work progress tracker having a solar panel installation team working in the background

Energy resource planning

Streamline integrations and easily manage your energy resources, procurement, and logistics.

A concept of energy resource planning and management highlighting a procurement dashboard

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)

Real-time monitoring and control of energy infrastructure. From remote sensors and sites to historical data- all tracked and saved.

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software dashboard

Environmental, health, and safety management systems

Be more environmentally sustainable and comply safety and compliance regulations with incident reporting, risk assessment & training management to provide safe and sustainable operations.

A concept of environmental, health, and safety management systems highlighting an app screen with wind turbines in the background

Renewable energy management software

It’s not easy being green! Monitor and manage renewable energy generation assets, including solar and wind power, and integrate with energy storage systems, power purchase agreement management, and renewable energy certificate tracking and reporting.

Renewable energy management software dashboard

You think it. We help you build it.

Why build your energy app with us?


No tech knowledge needed

Our team of app experts and our AI, Natasha, take care of all the technical and coding elements, so you can focus on creating the best energy systems - exactly how you need them!

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Guaranteed price upfront

We charge per feature, with everything defined in a pre-agreed Buildcard before your project starts. Our AI also provides accurate timelines, so there is less of a chance of project delays or surprises.

bug fixes

Preview your finished app with a free prototype

For custom-built software, you can create a realistic mockup of your software with Builder Now. Everything is customisable so you can see exactly how your app will look in just 10 minutes.


Create bespoke software fast

We’ve made custom software as easy as ordering pizza with Builder Studio. Start by choosing a similar app as your base. Then, add or remove toppings – individual features - to see your app come to life.

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Make big cloud savings

With our Builder Cloud services, we have great relationships with the big cloud providers that allow us to pass on the benefits to our own customers. Your data is kept securely and you can set spending limits, manage your usage and feel in control with your easy-to-use dashboard.

bug fixes

Software that grows with you and never goes out of date

Studio One, our aftercare and support package continuously monitors your software, so we make updates, fix bugs and keep your app running at optimum performance in real time before any potential problems even arise.

Want to see what we’ve built linking to the energy sector needs?


The EtOH Suite provides opportunities for SMBs in the wine, spirit and beer industries to manage production, projects, sales, and more from the field - or vineyard! Their new app shares key features with manufacturing apps, like product inventory or tracking and every product is interlinked with all the materials and assets used to create it.

  • With Builder Studio, we matched them to 36 features and were able to help them build a better wholesale experience.

Some of the features they used:

Order management

down arrow

Orders can be entered and processed. Gives users a way to instantly see how many orders have been made, and the progress of each order.

Statistics & Reports

down arrow

Users can discover how the content they publish is performing. A single dashboard shows pageviews, bounce rate and time on page, giving insight into what content is working best.


down arrow

Enables efficient personal appointment, meeting scheduling, and event planning via a user-friendly interface. It helps users stay organised and on track.

To find out more about EtOH click here

What our clients have to say

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“We recommend They take care of everything, allowing us to focus on the idea and the business while their highly skilled team handles the technical aspects. We were so pleased with their work we have already begun development on another app: EtOH Coach.”

Alexandre Bastard

Director of Digital Projects and Software Development at EtOH

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