Building your healthcare solution just got easier

You can now save time, money and deliver an improved patient experience with a new web, mobile or desktop app. Software for your healthcare company doesn’t need to be complicated to excel.

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What healthcare solutions can you build with

The short answer is everything.
You can build a wide range of healthcare software custom-built on iOS, Android or PWAs. Or you can opt for one of our pre-packaged designs made for medical businesses that let you start selling online in just 2 weeks.
You think it. We help you build it.

Hospital and clinic management system

Easy staff allocations make ward management simple. Input shift patterns and employee availability to automatically generate the optimal rota and tap into agencies for extra support staff as required. app development platform dashboard

Secure patient data

Stay compliant with data protection and privacy regulations with secure encryption and best-in-class cloud security meaning your data is always secure.

For our US clients, we can support them in building HIPAA-compliant apps. virtual assistant in customer dashboard

Patient care management

Easily search patient health information with electronic medical records (EMR) to quickly find what you need. Search records by keywords or view the results of your set treatment plan. app development platform dashboard with project flow

Pharmacy & lab management software

Track lab and pharmacy inventory. Your staff can digitally sign out supplies as they use them and you receive real-time automated updates on stock.


Bed management

Visualise and track bed availability from within your app. No more 4 AM panic. A user-friendly AI suggests the best way to allocate beds. Tag high-priority cases to ensure they receive care first. app development platform dashboard with project flow

Why build your healthcare app with us?


No tech knowledge needed

Our team of app experts and our AI, Natasha, take care of all the technical and coding elements, so you can focus on creating the perfect healthcare app -  exactly how you want it!

robust code

Guaranteed price upfront

We charge per feature, with everything defined in a pre-agreed card before your build starts. Plus our AI can provide you with accurate timelines, meaning there is less of a chance of things spiralling out of control down the line.

bug fixes

Preview your finished app with a free prototype

For custom-built software, you can create a realistic mockup of your software with Builder Now. Everything is customisable so you can see exactly how your app will look and behave in just 10 minutes. And if you’re using one of our Studio Store medical templates, you can add your branding and specifics right from the start.


Create bespoke software fast

We’ve made custom software as easy as ordering pizza with Builder Studio. Start by choosing a similar app to your app idea as a base. Then, add or remove toppings – individual features  - to see your healthcare app come to life.

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Make big cloud savings

With our Builder Cloud services, we take on long-term contracts with the big cloud providers and you grab the massive savings. Your data is kept securely and you can set spending limits, manage your usage and feel in control with your easy-to-use dashboard.

bug fixes

Software that grows with you and never goes out of date

Studio One, our aftercare and support package continuously monitors your software, so we make updates, fix bugs and keep your app running at optimum performance in real-time before any potential problems even arise.

Want to see what we’ve built in the healthcare industry?

Meet Moodit

Moodit, created by Dr Hassan Yasin is an exercise app for mental health. His app lets people share exactly how they feel and improve their mood by “Crowdsourcing positivity.

  • With Builder Studio, and the layout of Instagram selected we got to work and matched them to 20 features.

Some of the features they used:

Graphical charts

down arrow

Show graphical charts or graphs that represent multiple data points. Useful for organising and presenting data in a visual format.

Karma points

down arrow

Users can earn and give points to each other, for example by posting useful content. Helps to grow a community spirit, and you can choose how these points are redeemed, such as increased status or financial rewards.


down arrow

Users can check-in when they've arrived at a location, or edit their location. Useful for finding friends, or letting businesses know when potential customers are nearby.

To find out more about Moodit click here

And, you can also meet Qure

The team behind Qure brought an unprecedented level of access to healthcare for the 24 million people living in rural Kerala. Their platform connects patients, pharmacies, and doctors in a single place.

  • With Builder Studio, and the layout of My Dentist selected we got to work and matched them to 18 features.
qure app

Some of the features they used:

API Integration

down arrow

Integrate another piece of software with the product so they 'talk' to each other by automatically sending and receiving data. You can then use or make the data and software available to users. Example: Using Google Maps API to help users find their location.

Roles & Permissions

down arrow

Set different levels of access and permissions. You can then control what users see and do inside the product.

Push notifications

down arrow

Send notifications that users can receive and see - even when they’re not inside your product. Useful for getting users to login, and for giving them important, relevant and new information.

To find out more about Qure click here

What our clients have to say

Don’t just take our word for how exciting it is to build an app with, read what our healthcare services clients have to say:

Quote marks

“The flexibility, practicality and modularity were the key elements really for us. That's why we chose We’re going to do a second version of our app and I’ll be happy to continue with"

Slah Aridhi

Founder at MyHooxy

Quote marks

“The project has felt like it is in excellent hands. The team has been thoroughly responsive, engaged and genuinely interested and motivated to make the project the absolute best it can be.”

Dr Hassan

Founder of Moodit

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