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What entertainment solutions can you build with Builder.ai?

The short answer is anything.
You can build a wide range of entertainment software and services, custom-built for iOS, Android or PWAs.

Video streaming (OTT) platform

Makes it easy to manage content distribution to your app users. Upload the content, set permissions and users can interact with your shows instantly.

A concept of OTT platform development highlighting a hand holding a black remote control, navigating through a streaming service interface on a TV.

Production management

Stay organised with powerful project management tools – your dashboard makes everything visible at a glance. Create more great content with smart user-focused analytics.

A media production management software concept highlighting a person holding a clapperboard before a camera, preparing to start shooting a scene. The image also highlights a mobile device displaying a task-tracking app.

Music streaming platform

Build a library of audio tracks and share them with your users. Offline playback, playlists, and social features offer a great way to keep your users engaged.

A concept of music streaming app development highlighting a person wearing sunglasses drives a car under a clear sky. The mobile phone screen displays a playlist titled ‘Driving Songs - Summer Songs,’ with songs including ‘Come away with me,’ ‘I’m Yours,’ ‘The Scientist,’ and ‘Tiny Dancer.’ A ‘Play offline’ button is visible at the bottom of the playlist.

Radio FM station apps

Build your radio app with user call management for on-air calls or even pre-record shows to feel even more prepared & schedule when suits you.

A concept of Radio FM app development highlighting a Radio Jockey in the background with a mobile app dashboard.
You think it. We help you build it.

Why build your entertainment app with us?


No tech knowledge needed

Our team of app experts and our AI, Natasha, take care of all the technical and coding elements, so you can focus on creating the best airline systems - exactly how you need them!

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Guaranteed price upfront

We charge per feature, with everything defined in a pre-agreed Buildcard before your project starts. Our AI also provides accurate timelines, so there is less of a chance of project delays or surprises.

bug fixes

Preview your finished app with a free prototype

For custom-built software, you can create a realistic mockup of your software with Builder Now. Everything is customisable so you can see exactly how your app will look and behave in just 10 minutes.


Create bespoke software fast

We’ve made custom software as easy as ordering pizza with Builder Studio. Start by choosing a similar app to your app idea as a base. Then, add or remove toppings – individual features  - to see your app come to life.

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Make big cloud savings

With our Builder Cloud services, we have great relationships with the big cloud providers that allow us to pass on the benefits to our customers. Your data is kept securely and you can set spending limits, manage your usage and feel in control with your easy-to-use dashboard.

bug fixes

Software that grows with you and never goes out of date

Studio One, our aftercare and support package continuously monitors your software, so we make updates, fix bugs and keep your app running at optimum performance in real-time before any potential problems even arise.

Want to see what we’ve built in the entertainment sector?

Meet BBC Click Live

BBC Click wanted to make it easy for people to sign up for events and interact with each live show. We worked with the BBC to offer attendees a world-class event experience that drove engagement and enjoyment across the board.

BBC Click live

Some of the features they used:

Post creation

down arrow

Users can create and publish text updates, tag locations, tag friends and upload media. Useful for encouraging conversations and understanding more about the users.


down arrow

A dashboard for users to view and manage (including reply, mark, delete) notifications of activity. Shows unread notifications to highlight what's recent and encourages users to open and see what's been received.

Game Score

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Display user score or progress in a game. Can show final results on their own or with a progress bar.

To find out more about BBC Click Live click here

And NBC Universal

NBC wanted to give Gen-Z a chance to make their voice heard by sharing their opinions on important issues at Vidcon 2019, with over 75,000 attendees. Their news-sharing app made it easy for users to vote on how they felt about the event.

  • With live-data collection, we broadcast the results as word clouds on TVs surrounding NBC’s event booth
NBC app case study

Some of the features they used:

Email login

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Capture customer emails and authenticate their identities. Build a better user experience by making it easy for users to log in again in the future.

Landing Page

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A page that acts as the first place a user arrives at. Can be used for advertising, or as an introduction to the product and its features.


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$ 2,880.00

Present survey answers in a visually engaging way. Showcase top answers and commonly-used phrases in larger fonts and not so common in smaller fonts.

To find out more about NBC, click here

What our clients have to say

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"We recommend Builder.ai. They take care of everything, allowing us to focus on the idea and the business while their highly skilled team handles the technical aspects. We were so pleased with their work we have already begun development on another Builder.ai app: EtOH Coach."

Alexandre Bastard

Director of Digital Projects and Software Development at EtOH

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