You get more than an app with us

Your app includes 1 year of Studio One. This updates and enhances the app you’re building with us – to maximise your investment.

  • Ongoing technical support

  • Security patches and bug fixes

  • 24/7 uptime and performance monitoring

Serving the world's leading brands

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Colleagues discussing their app performance on iPad with app performance dashboards

You're in control

Create an app with us and you unlock a dashboard – not only can you watch your app’s progress in real-time but ensure it’s exactly the way you want it. Get expert advice, approve designs, give feedback and make changes.

The app development team is reviewing their app development progress

Experiment and improve your app

You also get access to a suite of collaboration tools to help improve your app design. Chat with our team over Builder Meet, brainstorm in Whiteboard, and visualise your ideas with free Tailor-made prototypes from Builder Now.

 Low-fidelity app prototype screens with design icons

Ongoing expert advice

Get a dedicated expert who’ll manage your whole build, through to successful delivery. Support doesn't stop once your app’s delivered, either. You’ll also be able to access our team of cloud and tech specialists – all standing by to help.

An illustration of customer support with a mobile user having a fitness app opened on his mobile phone screen

Launch faster and never slow down

Go live and start testing your app. Our expert maintenance team will be monitoring performance and upgrading, even before it’s finished being built. So you’re never going to be blindsided by third-party changes that might affect your code – it’s all taken care of.

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Continuous improvement, forever

Your app doesn’t stand still – it’s always improving. That’s not only things like platform updates and security patches. Choose a plan that includes enhanced features each quarter – and as your customer’s needs change, so does your app!

An illustration of app maintenance with bug fixes, security updates and platform updates

Choose your plan

Studio One
Studio One+
Ongoing expert support

Enhance your app features, every year


7.5% each quarter

Collaboration tools

24/7 uptime and performance monitoring

Load planning and monitoring

Bug fixes (permanent fixes for recurrent issues)

Root Cause Analysis

iOS & Android platform updates

Third-party API/SDK updates: standard features

Third-party API/SDK updates: custom features

Security patches and backup management [1]

Updated tech-stack

Infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) [2]

Response time commitment for urgent issues

4 hour

2 hour

Uptime commitment


[1] Excluding any third-party, SDK, security, feature, custom integration or browser addition – that wasn’t part of your Buildcard.

[2] If hosted with Builder Cloud


What’s a critical issue? What’s your standard response and resolution time for them?

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A critical issue is a very time-sensitive concern that impacts the continuity of a process flow, such as a service down emergency. They must be escalated immediately to ensure they’re resolved quickly. Depending on your Studio Success Plan, we provide a commitment of 2 to 8 hours to resolve critical issues.

Does Studio One support third-party API/SDK updates?

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Yes, third-party API/SDK updates are included for all standard features. Any custom features that were part of your original Buildcard are also included.

Do you offer scheduled system maintenance for infrastructure running my app/website?

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Everyone gets 24/7 for uptime and performance monitoring – providing immediate support for crashes. Upgrade to Studio One+ Plan or our Enterprise plans and you’ll also get Infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM).

What channels are available for me to flag concerns?

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We want to make it easy, so you get multi-channel support with Studio One. Flag your concern using our website, chat, or email.

Can you help with provisioning – for the cloud I need to run my app?

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Yes, we take care of cloud provisioning. So you can access the cloud services you’ll need for users to enjoy your app. And our cloud experts can offer guidance on every aspect of cloud services (we’re a Microsoft Tier 1 Direct Gold Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting & DevOps Partner).

Got questions?

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