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Psychiatrist (and entrepreneur) Dr Hassan Yasin created an exercise app for mental health. His app lets people share how they feel in a really simple way and our intelligent algorithm helps them improve their mood by “Crowdsourcing positivity”.

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Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr Hassan Yasin, wanted to create a social media community for those facing mental health challenges. His idea was for users to share their mood and find ways to improve it.


We used Natasha, our AI, to match his requirements to 18 features and created an intelligent algorithm to give users data and suggestions based on their mood.

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Builder Studio

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20 features

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The project has felt like it is in excellent hands. The team has been thoroughly responsive, engaged and genuinely interested and motivated to make the project the absolute best it can be.

Dr Hassan

Founder of Moodit

Cry for help

Working with young people in an inpatients department, Dr Hassan Yassin spotted a pattern, “One of the struggles I saw repeatedly was expressing mental distress was very very difficult to do verbally. I wanted to create a system for people to express how they felt in the easiest way possible.”

“It occurred to me that a device that enabled them to improve their engagement and social connectedness with and about their feelings would offer potentially marked improvements in their mental wellbeing.”

Enter a winning idea

Dr Hassan was bootstrapping the project himself and as luck would have it, was running a competition looking for great app ideas. The prize? We’d build the winning app for free.

Amid stiff competition, the psychiatrist’s potentially life-saving vision shone through: “We empower people to get themselves better and take ownership of their mental wellness, rather than present the solution and the quick fix.”

App development illustration
App development illustration
Removing stigma

At, many members of our team have suffered from mental health issues or have family members or friends suffering. So we were delighted to help make this simple, ingenious idea happen.

Dr Hassan was invited to try Builder Studio. Natasha – our AI – guided him through the process. She asked insightful questions and suggested features to bring his vision to life. His app included 20 features and an intelligent algorithm purpose-built by our team to personalise the user experiences based on their mood.

A global community

Moodit is a social platform designed to empower people to share how they feel with people around the world. The app enables users to track their moods and get real time data on how many people share similar feelings and receive relevant Moodhacks ™.

Our AI-based algorithm aggregates and analyses the info in order to give users data and suggestions. In the future, Dr Hassan hopes to predict patterns in order to offer advice and early intervention.

App development illustration
Some of the features used


$ 1,500.00

Users can post and read comments on the content you have. They can also reply to specific comments in a thread, to boost conversations and interactions inside the product.


Content Flag

$ 800.00

Users can report content, for example as abusive, inappropriate, or irrelevant. Promotes a sense of community and enables you to respond as soon as possible, rather than spending time manually checking content.



$ 3,000.00

See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity.


Graphical charts

$ 3,000.00

Show graphical charts or graphs that represent multiple data points. Useful for organising and presenting data in a visual format.


Karma points

$ 800.00

Users can earn and give points to each other, for example by posting useful content. Helps to grow a community spirit, and you can choose how these points are redeemed, such as increased status or financial rewards.



$ 1,500.00

Users can check-in when they've arrived at a location, or edit their location. Useful for finding friends, or letting businesses know when potential customers are nearby.



$ 2,000.00

A dashboard for users to view and manage (including reply, mark, delete) notifications of activity. Shows unread notifications to highlight what's recent and encourages users to open and see what's been received.


Post creation

$ 3,000.00

Users can create and publish text updates, tag locations, tag friends and upload media. Useful for encouraging conversations and understanding more about the users.


Targeted feed

$ 3,000.00

Shows users a feed of activity based on their interests and what they engage in. Users get a relevant, personalised feed that uses analytics, ML and a recommendation system.

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